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Warp/M utilises an 800 W axial lamp, and produces light output higher than a conventional 1200 W profile spotlight. Combined with a dichroic glass reflector, both the gate temperature and light beam temperature are low.

Warp/M is a unique, fully automated zoom profile spotlight, derived from the manual Warp profile, specifically designed for venues where light output, silent operation, repositioning accuracy and networking capability are prime considerations. The absence of fans fulfills the requirement of noise-free operation.a

Category: moving heads , profiles , reflectors

Tags: profile , halogen , motorised

Technical specification:

  • Fanless
  • 12° – 30° and 22° – 50° versions.
  • 800 W halogen axial lamp, 230 V, 3200 °K, G9.5.
  • Light output higher than with a 1200 W conventional profile.
  • Dichroic glass reflector for low gate and beam temperature.
  • B size gate for maximum gobo definition.
  • Motorized rings allowing control of focus, zoom, iris, and shutters.
  • Independent lamp position and spot / even adjustments.
  • Remote control via DMX 512 or Ethernet (ArtNET) of all beam shaping functions + pan & tilt.
  • Yoke repositioning better than 0.1°.
  • 3-phase stepper motors and no fan ensure true noisefree operation.
  • Absolute sensor technology = no pan & tilt reset.
  • Web page interface for bidirectional communication and diagnostics (runs on any browser).
  • 360° endless rotation capability of gobos and each individual shutter blade.
  • The absence of fans is the first condition for a truly silent operation!
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