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Kod: AL3300
Producent: Griven

Graph-i-Code is a newly conceived versatile and powerful architectural lighting solution that features numerous configuration set-ups for the maximum application flexibility in the pixel lighting industry. Mounted on large surfaces, this high impact IP65 full colour LED module can be used to screen low resolution video-footage, or display a boundless layout of graphic patterns. The independent control of each LED is coupled with clear, frost or interlaced pixels outlines for a direct view optical selection that can meet a huge variety of lighting design prerequisites. Graph-i-Code adaptability is enhanced by the number of LEDs the profile can host and the custom length the profile can consequently feature. Self addressing software, remote firmware update, integrated electronic driver and full digital control over all functions are further evidences for a state of the art product packed with technology.


Kategoria: matryce , ekrany LED , paski i moduły

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3,4,5,6,7 or 8 high brightness independent, RGB full colour LEDs units

Continuously variable light intensity

1-100% electronic dimming facility

No UV / no infrared

Virtually instant light production (100 ns)



The LEDs used have an exceptionally long life: predicted 50.000 hours under normal operating conditions as mentioned by the LED manufacturer



Clear, frost or interlaced photometric distribution lenses



Pixel pitch: 160x70 mm (minimum)

Resolution: 90 pixel/m2 (maximum)

Luminance: Clear 203,000 cd/m2; Frost 42,000 cd/m2;

Interlaced 35,000 cd/m2



RGB additive colour mixing for countless attractive saturated colours

Theoretical variety of infinite colour hues



DMX remote control

Remote firmware update (RFU)

Self-addressing feature for digital data assignment with signal regeneration

3 channels of DMX 512 standard protocol for each pixel

Plug-and-play unit

IP65 DMX input and output connectors included

Complete lighting and video control software and hardware system (AL2960)

Complete lighting control software and hardware system (AL2025)

DMX signal output device (AL2026)

Software package for lighting design creation (AL2027)

Programming software with USB compatible download IP65 box (ordering code AD4118)

Enhanced programming software with ETHERNET compatible download box (IP65 AD4119 or IP20 AD4125)

Wall-TSC (ordering code AL1424)

WeeZerd 1 (ordering code AL2660)



Power supply: 90÷250V / 50-60Hz

Power consumption:

3-LED: 0.12A @ 230V / 23W max - 4-LED: 0.14A @ 230V / 27W max

5-LED: 0.17A @ 230V / 32W max - 6-LED: 0.19A @ 230V / 36W max

7-LED: 0.20A @ 230V / 40W max - 8-LED: 0.22A @ 230V / 44W max

Electrical class: I

Self-resetting fuse protection

Meets CE safety standards



Extruded aluminium body




-20°C to 40°C

(-4°F to 104°F)

Integrated electronic thermal protection management



3-LED: 1.8 Kg - 4-LED: 2.3 Kg

5-LED: 2.8 Kg - 6-LED: 3.3 Kg

7-LED: 3.8 Kg - 8-LED: 4.3 Kg

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