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vx 4

Code: D3 VX4

More in. More out.

Drive up to four times uncompressed 4K60, and lossless 10-bit video, whilst simultaneously capture four 4K sources at 60fps (or 16 3G-SDI sources).


More networking, more storage

The vx 4 has dual 25 Gb/sec and dual 10 Gb/sec ethernet ports, enabling faster media file transfer and higher resolution networked live video capture.


All-new chassis

The vx 4 features an all new hi-res OLED front panel for more detailed system information.

It’s even tougher in it’s design with a redesigned back panel, improved cross-bracing and isolated core components.


Video playback

The vx 4 can drive up to four 4K lossless video streams at 60fps.


Capture capability

The vx 4 can capture either 16 3G-SDI sources, or four 4K sources (2160p60).


Faster networking

The vx 4 is equipped with three speed tiers of networking, for a total of more than three times the available network bandwidth of the 4x4pro for media transfer and networked video: 2x 25Gb/sec ethernet; 2x 10Gb/sec; 1x 1Gb/sec


Faster storage

The vx 4 comes with NVME 4TB* as standard, and is user configurable, with failure mitigation.

* RAID level dependent / RAID 10 8TB available


VFC Technology

The vx 4 ships with four HDMI 2.0 VFC output cards by default to drive four 4K streams of lossless 10bit 60fps video content.

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Technical specifications

System Connectivity - I/O

  • Video Output: 1x Displayport 1.2 (GUI); 4x VFC Output Slots; Ships standard with HDMI 2.0 VFC cards (4096 x 2160 max); Different Video Format Conversion; Cards also available, refer to VFC specifications
  • Video Input: 16x 3G-SDI; (HD-BNC connectors, 4x 4K@60 max)
  • Video Sync: 1x BNC Genlock

Media File Specifications:

  • Video Playback: .mov (anim, pjpg, DXV*, Hap, Hap Q); *N.B. DXV3 not supported
  • Still image formats: .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff, .tga
  • Audio file formats: .mp3, .wav (44.1kHz, 16-bit, stereo)
  • 3d mesh format: .obj
  • Audio: RME Professional
  • Analogue Audio: 2x Balanced XLR Input; 2x Balanced XLR Output; 1x 1/4" Headphones Jack
  • Digital Audio: ADAT/SPDIF I/O
  • MIDI: 1x In; 1x Out

Physical Specifications:

  • Mounting system: 4U 19" rack mount
  • Unit dimensions: W: 445mm (17.52''); H: 178mm (7''); D: 593mm (29.93'')
  • Unit weight: 21kg
  • Unit + Rack Handles: 621mm (24.45'')

Environmental Tolerances:

  • Temperature: 5-35°C (40°-95°F)
  • Humidity: 5%-95% (non-condensing)
  • Altitude: 0-8850 ft (0-2700m)

Hardware Specifications:

  • CPU: Dual Intel® Xeon® Gold 3.2Ghz
  • Memory: 96GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage: 2x 128GB SSD (Internal System Drives); Up to 4 NVMe Drives; 4x 2TB Removable NVMe SSD (default)
  • General Network: 1x 1Gb/sec Ethernet; 1x Management Port; 2x 10Gb/sec Ethernet; 2x 25Gb/sec Ethernet
  • Data/Peripherals: 5x USB 3.0
  • Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Power Consumption: TBC

Software Features:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise SAC
  • disguise Proprietary: Full production suite

Bundled Accessories:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse + Mouse Mat
  • Power Cable (Plug-True1)
  • Hardware Guide
  • Rack Slides
  • Backmounted Rails
  • Getting Started Guide
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