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Sidelight tower asymmetrical

Code: ASE WAM2J10
Admiral Staging

Sidelight telescopic ballet tower ​

The Sidelight telescopic ballet tower is equipped with a retractable ladder system. For your convenience, a cord is used for pulling up the ladder. There’s also an additional locking pin to make sure the ladder is secure in place.

The ladder section comes standard with two additional suspension tubes for placing four luminaires directly inside. The ladder has a space of 40cm at the bottom so there’s always space for one luminary to hang below. Once the ladder is in it’s highest position, there is room for multiple forks to be placed. The ladder can be either symmetrically or asymmetrically placed in the tower. There is an additional option to order a powercon socket to provide the luminaries in your tower with 230V power.

Please click the -download- button for the drawing, which includes the specifications and measurement.


This Sidelight telescopic ballet tower will be delivered completely assembled.


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