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Scenius Profile

Code: CP C61505

Scenius Profile is the new Clay Paky beam shaper at the top of the Clay Paky moving head range. The optical reflector has been designed specifically for this product, in order to make the projection perfectly uniform across the whole beam opening, avoiding the typical hotspot effect of many spotlights. Its framing system consists of four independent overlapping blades that create shapes of all sizes, not just quadrangular, but also triangular. It works simultaneously on four different focal planes and the exclusive “curtain effect” allows gradual total closure of the shape using any one of the four blades. The shape made may also be turned around itself up to an angle of 90°, either to change its orientation or keep it fixed as the light beam moves.

Its advanced optical unit and the new 1400W OSRAM discharge lamp provide very high light output and CRI. Thanks to its wide 7°-48° zoom, Scenius Profile is perfect for every set. A modern focus tracking system concentrates maximum luminous efficiency precisely on the effect you wish to project, and the focus may be set to be fully automatic.

The CMY color system, the linear CTO, 7 fixed colors, 14 gobos (6 rotating + 8 fixed), rotating prism, 2 variable frost filters, a very precise dimmer enhance the performances of this luminaire.

With all these features, the Scenius Profile is an extraordinary tool for theatrical use, in television studios or on the sets of large events, where it can fashion uniform light beams without limits and frame scenic elements precisely with fixed or animated light.

The optical reflector of Scenius Profile can be replaced with that of Scenius Spot, to obtain a higher luminous peak at the center of the beam.


  • 1400W OSRAM discharge lamp
  • New optical reflector to ensure perfectly uniform beam projections
  • Framing System operating on 4 focal planes
  • Framing System rotation on 90°
  • 7°-48° zoom
  • Focus tracking system
  • 6500 K output color temperature
  • Very high CRI
  • CMY System + Linear CTO
  • 7-color wheel
  • 14 gobos (6 rotating + 8 fixed)
  • Rotating Prism
  • 16 blades fast Iris
  • Variable "soft edge" frost
  • Variable flood frost
  • Very precise 0-100% dimmer
  • Fast stop/strobe effect
  • Light can be run at 1400W or 1200W
  • Art-Net / RDM
  • Quiet, reliable and road-ready
  • Weight: 41 Kg


  • european product

Category: moving heads , spot

Tags: spot , beam , wash


  • AC power input Neutrik PowerCON TRUE1 (IP65)
  • 200-240V 50/60 Hz


  • 1800 VA


  • OSRAM Lok-it! HTI 1400/PS Lamp
  • Color Temperature: 6.000 K
  • Life: 750 hrs
  • Very high CRI (≥ 90)
  • Luminoux flux: 120000 lm
  • Base PGJ28 Lok-it!
  • Light can be run at 1400W or 1200W in Energy Saving mode


  • Zoom 7° - 48°
  • ø142 mm front lens
  • Electronic Focusing


  • CMY System
  • Linear CTO
  • Color Wheel with 7 color filters + white


  • 4 Blades that move separately
  • Smooth, flexible blade movements at variable speed
  • A "total curtain" effect made separately by each of the 4 blades, in many - shapes and colors
  • Small and large dynamic profiles
  • 90° rotation of the entire system, at variable speed


  • One wheel with 6 rotating gobos (image ø23 mm)
  • One wheel with 8 fixed gobos (image ø23 mm)
  • Rotating Prism with 4 faces
  • 16 blades fast Iris
  • Variable "soft edge" frost
  • Variable flood frost
  • Very precise 0-100% dimmer
  • Fast stop/strobe effect


  • 37 or 41 DMX 512 control channels
  • DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX 512
  • Art-Net / RDM
  • Display: LCD 128 x 64 dots, backlit LED, white on black
  • Pan and Tilt Resolution: 16 bit
  • Focus Indexing Resolution: 16 bit
  • Dimmer Resolution: 16 bit
  • Rotation gobo Resolution: 16 bit
  • Movement control: vectorial
  • DMX signal connection: 5 pole XLR input and output
  • Software upload through DMX input / Ethernet input


  • Aluminum and steel structure with plastic covers
  • Two side handles for transportation
  • Device locking PAN and TILT mechanisms for transportation and maintenance



  • Angle Rotation: 540°
  • Fast speed: 4.849 sec
  • Normal Speed: 4.958 sec
  • PAN Resolution: 2.10938°
  • PAN FINE Resolution: 0.00824°
  • Accuracy: ± 0.2° (Range 0.4°)


  • Angle Rotation: 268°
  • Fast speed: 2.76 sec
  • Normal Speed: 3.242 sec
  • Resolution 1.04688°
  • TILT FINE Resolution: 0.00409°
  • Accuracy: ± 0.2° (Range 0.4°)


  • Long life self-charging buffer battery
  • ON/OFF lamp control from the lighting desk
  • Function reset from the lighting desk
  • “AUTOTEST” function from menu ARTNET
  • Electronic monitoring with status error
  • Cooling system monitoring
  • DMX level monitoring on all channels
  • Internal data transmission diagnostics
  • Firmware Upgrade with no power
  • Firmware upload from another fixture


  • Bipolar circuit breaker with thermal protection
  • Automatic break in power supply in case of overheating
  • Forced ventilation with axial fans


  • Working in any position
  • Hanging system: with fast-lock omega clamps (1/4 turn) on the base


  • 2014/35/EU - Safety of electrical equipment supplied at low voltage (LVD)
  • 2014/30/EU - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • 2011/65/EU - Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)
  • 2009/125/EC - EcoDesign requirements for Energy-related Products (ErP)


  • 41 Kg (90 lbs)

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