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Code: RJ 1515
Robert Juliat

Merlin is the culmination of an ambitious project to produce a powerful, rugged followspot for the touring market. Designed to complement Robert Juliat’s Grand, Compact and Ultra-Compact ranges, Merlin is the result of in-depth consultation with rental companies, lighting designers and professional followspot operators.With an output that belies its 2500W HMI lamp and a massive 3°-12° beam range, Merlin covers both long and medium throw ranges in one unit.

Merlin delivers a performance that outshines the ever-increasing power of LED lighting and videowall backlighting, while newly designed bodywork ensures Merlin is easy to transport, install and maintain, tough enough for the road and supremely tourable.


  • Exclusive zoom from 3° to 12°
  • Onboard electronic PSU. Plug & play installation
  • Hot restrike lamp for instantaneous re-ignition in case of power installation failure
  • RDM and wireless DMX
  • 4 lifting points integrated for vertical and horizontal handling
  • Horizontal and vertical choppers for adjustable rectangular projection
  • Fully closing iris cassette
  • 6-way colour-changer,self-cancelling boomerang type
  • Ergonomic handles for comfort, safety and practicality from any operating position
  • Frost filter for quick soft edge beam effect
  • RJ Eco Mode: reduction of power consumption when the followspot is in a stand-by mode
  • Adjustable yoke for optimum overhead positioning
  • Fade to Black DMX: optional DMX dimmer module accessory for optimum control direct from the console
  • RJ Diagnostic System: for optimum operation capacities, providing feedback information locally and remotely
  • Highly efficient multi-zone cooling of lamp house and oversized lamp holder heat-sinks for maximum reliability and durability
  • 3 minutes automatic cooling down process when switching off the lamp for fast and easy packing

  • european product

Category: reflectors , followspots

Tags: followspot , lightning

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  • Fully closing iris: ergonomic control with index; protective backplate for extended lifespan
  • Gobo holder: glass and metal gobos
  • Ergonomic dimmer control: one-handed dim, pan and tilt
  • Smooth dimmer shutter: retains flat beam and colour temperature when dimming
  • Fade to Black DMX additional dimmer module (option): for optimum control from the console as an accessory
  • Progressive frost filter : on flip lever for quick soft-edge beam effect
  • Horizontal and vertical choppers: built-in with 2 independent controls for adjustable rectangular projection
  • Individually removable colour frame: gels replaced easily while colour cassette remains in place
  • Colour changer: 6-way, self-cancelling boomerang colour-changer
  • RJ Eco Mode: enables to reduce the power consumption when the followspot is in stand-by mode (iris or dimmer closed)
  • RJ Diagnostics System: ensures optimum operation  capacities, providing a wide pallet of feedback information (dimming level, lamp hours, temperature, projector status...) locally and remotely by RDM
  • Easy focus reference: graduated scale on side of lantern; fast and easy refocusing
  • Adjustable yoke: for optimum overhead positioning
  • Easy-to-balance counterweight: steady movement, even at long distances
  • Stand: perfectly weighted for maximum stability with smooth rotation for optimum performance. Easy set up; triple safety system for extra security


  • Safe lamp: no risk of explosion and no protective clothing necessary
  • Factory set optical train: travels safely within followspot and requires no time-consuming realignment on arrival. Uniform beam on all followspots of same type
  • Double quartz condenser system: for dazzling light output and perfectly even beam
  • Gobo : long distance gobo projection
  • Variable zoom optics: sharp focus at every beam angle. Independent control of image size and focus.
  • Exclusive zoom from 3° to 12°: 4:1 ratio for more versatility


  • Made in France : fully manufactured in Robert Juliat premises retaining complete control over all aspects of quality
  • PSU: built-in electronic flicker-free power supply for easy, plug-and-play installation
  • Lamp switch off: 3 minutes automatic cooling down process when switching off the lamp for fast and easy packing
  • Cooling: highly efficient multi-zone cooling of lamp house and oversized lamp holder heat-sinks for maximum reliability and durability
  • Bodywork: strong sheet metal construction for durability
  • Ergonomic wrap-around handle: comfort, safety and practicality from all operating positions
  • Moving parts: smooth at all times, even when hot
  • Captive knobs and handles: additional security when working at height or in transit
  • Rigging eyebolts: 4 lifting points integrated  for vertical or horizontal handling
  • Easy access to all parts: easy cleaning, re-lamping and maintenance
  • Removable assemblies: fast-plug cable connectors and complete component assemblies (mirror, condenser set and lamp house assembly) save maintenance and cleaning time
  • Safety: safety switch for secure access to the lamp


  • Stand GT4000
  • Stand GT4000S
  • W-DMX - wirless DMX
  • Followspot mount for Ø50mm pipe
  • Case
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