Why T11?

  • 2022-03-29
  • publication


Have you wondered what a modern theatre spotlight should look like. How should it be built? What features are most important now? Robe Lighting has its vision of a spotlight that meets the requirements of modern users. Is this vision consistent with your needs? Find out by reading the educational material prepared by ROBE and PROLIGHT...
The main features which distinguish the T11 from other solutions available on the market:
Compact, optics-integrated body.
LED long-life "bulb" that you can replace yourself at any time, with a manufacturer's warranty of 20,000 hours or 3 years!
Interchangeable front lens for: PROFILE, Fresnel or PC, you choose the characteristics of the reflector yourself...
Wide zoom range from 5 to 60 degrees and high resolution optics.
Multicolour LED source, with wide colour gamut, halogen lamp simulation, adjustable CRI and CTO and precise +/- GREEN adjustment.
Library of "colour filters" called up directly from the device.
Possibility to add your own "colour filters" to the device
As standard - FROST filter (replaceable), profile frames and GOBO holder. However, if you need more effects, you can add an additional module with Iris, static gobo and rotational gobo.
Extremely quiet operation.
Parameters can be set manually on the device or remotely from the lighting console.
Made in Europe! With low carbon footprint and support from the Free World
The T11 is a new, manually operated: PROFILE, FRESNEL and PC. This functionality has been achieved by the ability to quickly change the front lens... You no longer need to purchase separate fixtures or different lens tubes to cover the specific requirements of a lighting project....
Designed for specific noise sensitive environments... The T11 is therefore ideal for theatres, TV studios, corporate events, installations, stages, and lighting rental companies.
With a wide range of applications - the T11 is "packed" with innovation, versatility and ROBE quality... It is designed to match the identical colour attributes of the other devices from this manufacturer...
The spotlight weighs just over 15 kilograms. The body is stylish and very compact, especially considering its extreme zoom range from 5-60 degrees, which everyone has as standard!
The compact size means that all controls are easily accessible, and the fixture can be mounted at any angle by attaching to the bracket yoke. The length of the yoke can be adjusted if required. Locking knobs are located on both sides of the reflector.
At the rear of the unit, under the counter display, there is an attachment point for the safety cable and a handle for gripping. A frame for the gel filter is also included. On the side you can see white numbers and letters for setting: tilt, zoom and focus, which are used as references for setting up the unit when you need to duplicate the unit's settings on other cameras or recreate settings from previous gigs on tour.
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