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  • 2020-04-17
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A smart home are very popular and trending. Grenton offer comprehensive system for managing house and its surroundings.



Every season and every time of day requires different lighting. On winter mornings, the light should be subtle enough to encourage you to get out of bed. During the working day, you need illumination that is easy on your eyes. In the evenings, when you are taking a relaxing bath or watching a great film, you want the lights to create a nice ambiance.

Grenton System will adjust the lighting depending on your and your family's needs. This system will adjust to your lifestyle and help you save energy.



Warm, cosy and cost efficient? Grenton System makes it possible. Smart house allows you to pick the optimal temperature for every room in the house, and is able to adjust to changing weather or things such as windows being opened.

You can adjust the ambient temperature in your home to whatever you want manually and through your smartphone. It is easy and simple - see it for yourself.



Thanks to Grenton Smart Home, you can integrate most of your AV devices to the rest of your Smart Home system. You want to watch a film? Just press the button on your Grenton SmartPanel and Grenton will do the rest. It will close the blinds, turn off the lights and turn on the home cinema system. And when you decide to take a break and go to the kitchen to get some snacks, Grenton will turn up the lights in the room to let you get there safely.

Why would you do everything by yourself if something can do it for you?


Home Surroundings

Grenton System will allow you to control not only your home, but also its surroundings!

All of your devices and systems in your garage, driveway and garden will cooperate to ensure your safety and comfort.

An entry-gate that recognizes members of your family, garden sprinklers that react to the changes in weather... discover the incredible features offered by the Grenton System.


All Grenton products you can find on producer website. On future we will have it on our website too.

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