Multimedia exhibition at Lodz

  • 2013-04-29
  • realization




If under the foots grows cotton, play the table hockey hammer of wool and

from behind the walls comming the scream  of friends frightened explosion power turbine – this is the sign that you are in a historic, revitalized Boiler White Factory of Ludwik Geyer in Łódź. Interactive Museum is the newest part of the Central Museum of Textiles and is available to visitors.

On the ground floor of the former boiler house is dominated by cognitive function. Greets visitors to the exhibition personally Ludwig Geyer (his figure plays the distinguished actor of theater "Pinocchio“Włodzimierz Twardowski ). He is moody sometimes.  On the ground floor you can see the machine prepares jacquard fabric, steam engine, a century-old selfactor.

All supported by visuals and videos. Arranged in the building ", info-kiosks" - large-size touch screens allow you to delve into the details of the particular machine.

Thanks to the multimedia you can learn the secrets of the fabric, see valuable exhibits from the collections of the Central Museum of Textiles, as well as look at the example of the textile conservation studio, which is not available to the public.

Floor boilers house serves as the playground. There you can participate (not just listen)  in stories about how arises the cotton, and from it - the fabric.

The story begins with the rising of the ground..

Responsible for the implementation of the exposure was a consortium Prolight LTd and Aduma Joint-stock Company.

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