Cultural Suwalki

  • 2013-06-04
  • realization

A new Cultural Centre of Suwałki was commissioned  in May 2013.

It is one of the largest cultural centers in Poland and the largest built in the last 50 years.

Company Prolight had the pleasure of providing  equipment of stage lighting technology   to the Main Hall and the Chamber.

Installation of lighting control protocol based on ACN and is routed across the room via twisted pair Ethernet.

Primary controller is ETC Congo in 2000 to support 2048 DMX channels. Through two PoE switches, the signal is routed to the DMX dimmers and goals NET3 which are located in the hall..

Each active point of instalation has its own IP address, so that the service has full control over the elements of the system.

Main Hall is equipped with 270 circuits regulated and 90 circuits non-regulated.

Chamber  Hall is equipped with 72 regulated circuits and 22 unregulated circuits.


The park lighting consist of:

- More than 100 lighting fixtures of ETC

- More than 60 llighting fixtures of Robert Juliat

- 16 moving heads of ClayPaky

Sytem power, control and signal distribution include:

ETC Congo 2000,

ETC Congo jr,

ETC Congo BackUp,

2 x ETC Sensor 96

ETC Sensor 72

ETC Sensor 24

24 x ETC NEt3 OnePort,

3 x ETC NEt3 Four Gateway

More information on: and"

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