Clay Paky B-EYE - more than just a wash

  • 2014-04-16
  • products / support

After enthusiastically adopted model B – EYE K20 (37x15W RGBW) appeared

A.Leda  B-EYE  K10 (19X15W RGBW, PC lenses, pixel map + rotary front panel),

B-EYE K10 CC – simpler version with excellent mixing colors, lenses PC but without pixel map and rotary front panel  and version B-EYE K10 EASY without rotary front panel  (no kaleidoscopic effects).


Basic parameters  of the best models include:


*Source type:                        LED RGBW

*LED power:                         15W

*LED quantity:                      37/19

*Three modes of operation : wash, beam, FX effect

*Unique system optical zoom(4-60)

And perfect color mixing  the entire range

*Pixel map

*Monilithic front panel

*Control soften the edges (wash mode)

*Shaft of light control and micro sheaves of individual pixels

*Rotary front panel to create a vortex and kaleidoscopic effects

*Emulation of color temperature 2500-8000 K

*Emulation of color temeprature on the colors

*Emulation of  halogen lamp work


More information at:

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